Tuesday October 2, 2012

A Scandal Worse Than Watergate Is Being Covered Up By Media

Consider that what Bush and the GOP actually left to the Democrats in 2007: 4-5% unemployment; $2 gas prices; AAA rating. Since Obama has been in office, unemployment and gas figures have doubled and our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. Yet polls still show Obama leading Mitt Romney? What gives?

By Alicia Colon

Call it my senior mind but I had completely forgotten how surreal the 2008 presidential was until I saw the Citizens United film, "Hope and Change."

The movie that was shown at the GOP convention was broadcast on television all last week. A neighbor who had also seen the film discussed it with me over a coffee klatch and was pretty blunt in her reaction. She happens to be a young black woman and she laughed and said: "I never saw so many dumb white people in one place." She may have been amused but I found it extremely frightening because those huge numbers can still vote and polls show that the media is successfully covering up a scandal worse than Watergate.

The film opened with the massive crowds of emotional individuals in rapt awe of their messiah, Barack Obama, their faces wet with tears at the prospect of him being President. Comments from the adoring crowd were so unsettling that they reminded me of the Germans under the spell of Adolph Hitler's impassioned speeches. But those Europeans were suffering from a horrible postwar economy that had left them truly destitute and were consequently extremely vulnerable to an opportunistic demagogue like the Fuhrer. All of the Obama lovers looked very well fed and dressed so why did they seem so desperate for change? What had driven the American Obama disciples to this mesmerized state; why the swooning, the children's anthems of Obama, Obama; the poster Obama girls and boys? Their rapturous support for a candidate they knew nothing about with a poor record of achievement was the result of a combination of unparalled media corruption and its BSD (Bush Derangement Syndrome) that completely distorted the reasons behind the sinking economy. Throw in the deceitful charge of racism leveled at Republicans and the fix was in.

In 2008 while President Bush was still in office the economy collapsed and Obama and the Democrats used this to blame him and the Republicans for its catastrophic downturn. They are still using false numbers today to laughably proclaim that Obama has actually been successful in his policies. What is never mentioned is that the Democrats took over Congress in 2007 and for the next year and a half implemented programs that cost us dearly. Barney Frank took over as Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and one could say that the subprime mortgage crisis grew much worse under his stewardship because he resisted Bush's attempts to regulate the mortgage banking business. FHA loans to homeowners who were not creditworthy ballooned in 2007 and made the collapse in 2008 inevitable.

Consider that what Bush and the GOP actually left to the Democrats in 2007: 4-5% unemployment; $2 gas prices; AAA rating. Since Obama has been in office, unemployment and gas figures have doubled and our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. Yet polls still show Obama leading Mitt Romney? What gives?

Recently Radio jockey Howard Stern thought he was being clever sending out a staff member to ask local blacks questions about the presidential candidates. The questions were skewered to demonstrate the political ignorance of those questioned.

Asking for responses to confirm ridiculous questions like, "Will Obama find and kill Osama bin Laden; if Romney is a Muslim and if Obama is a Mormon; if Obama made the right choice by picking Paul Ryan as his running mate and if he did it because he is black."

According to his sidekick, Robin Quivers, "Well, we're obviously dealing with a whole population that doesn't listen to the newscasts or read a newspaper." This whole dubiously comedic exercise was just mean and no doubt edited to leave out any intelligent response by a black person. Does that make Howard Stern a racist? No, this makes him an insensitive idiot. What was the point? Did Stern want to point out the stupidity of a typical Obama supporter?

The truth is that even if every black voted for Obama in 2008 he never would have won without the millions of whites supporting him. Although the media reports try and spotlight the blacks among the enraptured crowd, the overwhelming number of whites dominated the landscape of Obama supporters. Even today whenever Obama is on the campaign trail, cameras show that the people behind him are invariably Caucasian unless the speech takes place before an African -American organization or church.

Perhaps Robin Quivers is right about there being a population of people, not only blacks, who do not listen to newscasts or read a newspaper but maybe the problem is that the newscasts or newspaper they are reading are criminally negligent with the truth. What should be in all the headlines across the nation is that the current Obama scandal is worse than the Watergate one that made Nixon resign.

Nixon may not have been responsible for the half-baked burglary in a Watergate office but he was involved in the cover-up. The bipartisan effort to remove him from office was successful but the mainstream media is doing everything in its power to keep Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from sharing responsibility for the death of an American ambassador. There is an ongoing State Department cover-up to excuse the reason why it did not provide ample security for Ambassador Stevens before he was viciously murdered with three other Americans in Libya. His diary was located by CNN who reported that Stevens had viable concerns about Al-Qaeda activity in the area and that he believed he was on its hit-list. It is believed that he expressed his concerns to the State Department which took no action and that this alleged correspondence has been deleted from the records.

This is a huge scandal which should dwarf that which engulfed President Richard Nixon but I predict that the sycophants in the Justice Department, Senate and the media will continue to hide the truth from the public. In the Fourth Estate there no Woodwards and Bernsteins doing investigative reporting for the mainstream media.

One has to be an avowed Kool-Aid drinker to have a job there. We must instead rely on the alternative news sites like,,, and a few cable news sites like FoxNews and C-SPAN for the unvarnished truth.

While the death of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens is being dubbed by Democrats as an issue that will be exploited by the Romney campaign, our Commander-in-Chief is campaigning vigorously on The View, and talk shows to show how likeable he is.

Those of us who can see clearly are horrified.

May God have mercy on our once-great nation.

Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at and at

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