Tuesday June 19, 2012

Obama Using Hispanics As Patsies

I am a conservative who has argued time and again that the Hispanic community is not a monolithic one and it is insulting to those of us with a Hispanic heritage whenever politicians lump as all into one stewpot.

By Alicia Colon

Isn't President Obama a clever one? He ordered a change in policy via executive edict that could allow as many as 800,000 immigrants who came to the United States illegally not only to remain in the country without fear of being deported, but to work legally. Now why would he do that after boasting that his deportation record of illegals was the strongest ever? Perhaps he fears that Mitt Romney will pick Sen. Marco Rubio as his V.P. and Rubio's modified Dream Act is certain to attract Hispanic voters to the GOP. Obama also knows that the immigration issue is a sure fire divider of the Republicans, many of whom unwisely regard amnesty as a reason to stay home in November.

I am a conservative who has argued time and again that the Hispanic community is not a monolithic one and it is insulting to those of us with a Hispanic heritage whenever politicians lump as all into one stewpot. Many of us are native born Americans first and our allegiance is to an America we regard as the greatest country in the world. It is exceptional. It is unique and unlike any other because it is made up of all countries.

It is a glaring fact that the president doesn't really care about Hispanics other than to view us as a voting bloc and it is vitally important for those Hispanics who are bona fide citizens and eligible to vote to recognize this con job against us. This executive edict is nothing more than an attempt to steal the November election by flooding the voter rolls with ineligible voters. Doesn't anybody recall what the Clinton/Gore campaign did in 1996 with its "Citizen USA" program which one Clinton aide said was meant to, "produce 1 million new citizens before Election Day" that November?

V.P Al Gore's staff took steps to speed up the processing of immigrant applications without going through the necessary security checks. As a result of that intensive effort, thousands of immigrants (75,000) were naturalized even though they had criminal records for such crimes as murder and armed robbery that would have disqualified them for citizenship.

One of the federal investigators, David Schippers, who was a fellow Democrat, called the program a blatant politicization of the INS. Nevertheless the Vice President and the President successfully sailed through for a second term. Al Gore, of course, denied any malfeasance and claimed he was responding to complaints from Hispanic groups that the INS was too slow in processing applications.

Now here's a worrisome fact. Those so-called Hispanic groups who get the media's attention only represent radical leftist multicultural militants who do not have the country's best interests at heart. Pro-American groups like "You don't Speak for me" or anti-amnesty groups like NYICE. (New Yorkers for Immigration Control and Enforcement) get little coverage from a media determined to boost support for the Democrats' agenda.

Making it easier for employers to hire illegals at substandard wages is hardly beneficial to Hispanics struggling in this awful economy but if it gets Obama re-elected than it will be worth it, right?

There is no question that our immigration system is horribly flawed and corrupt and no matter how many laws are on the books, if they are not enforced what good are they? Constitutionally only citizens are allowed to vote in national elections. Yet along with dead people, illegals somehow manage to show up in droves to vote and usually it is for the Democrat candidates. Efforts to rein in this corruption of our electoral process have been stymied by those politicians endangered by a legitimate race. It is evident however, that our own Department of Justice is now trying desperately to halt any move to disrupt the status quo of voter fraud. It has filed suit against the State of Florida which is purging its registered voter rolls of possible non-citizens.

When it comes to stealing elections, the Democrats are masters of deception. To this day many disciples still accuse Bush of robbing Al Gore of the presidency in 2000. They view the Supreme Court of the United States as an accomplice in the theft for halting what was essentially a diabolical scheme and degradation of the election process. I still feel it was only through Divine Providence that their efforts failed but their bile still remains. They refuse to answer this question - if Gore wanted a recount of the votes why didn't he demand one of the entire state instead of just one Democrat-controlled district? Could it be because the media effectively suppressed voter turnout for Republicans and other Bush supporters by falsely and prematurely calling Al Gore the winner in Florida and in the entire election hours before the polls were closed in the heavily Republican Florida panhandle, as well as the central and western states?

One polling official was even found loading a voting machine into his car during the recount and that criminal act was blatantly ignored by the media. Widespread voting by illegal Haitian immigrants and convicted felons was uncovered. Students voted for Gore multiple times throughout the country but this voter type of fraud was common then and occurred in 2008 as well. Those community organizers sure know how to get out the vote.

Now we have all attempts to have an honest election thwarted by the Obama campaign and it is using Hispanics to polarize the nation. I urge all Republicans to recognize this tactic to divide us and to realize that Hispanics have the same goals as the conservative community. We are family oriented, pro life and committed to a smaller government. We want real immigration reform which means that illegal immigrants will no longer be eligible for the benefits reserved for citizens and legal immigrants. We want our elections strictly monitored. We are not a banana republic even though recent undercover work by James O'Keefe's Veritas project videotaped an accomplice attempting to vote as Attorney General Eric Holder in D.C. with the poll worker allowing it and refusing to check any ID.

I urge all Hispanics to refuse to be part of this continuing disintegration of our electoral process and to demand strict accountability at the polls. It is disingenuous for liberals to claim that voter ID laws disenfranchise minorities. Most minorities already have government-issued ids. When my husband retired after 30 years, he was required by his union to bring in a birth certificate, social security and other documents to complete the process. What's the big deal about requiring an even simpler format when voting for the most important job in the world? If credit cards can be validated instantaneously why can't voter id checks weed out duplicates in national elections?

The depressing answer, of course, is that voter fraud is why we have a corrupt Congress and an ineffectual administration determined to keep it in place.

Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at and at

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