Tuesday November 22, 2011

Obama - Stop Bashing Americans And Be Thankful For Them Instead

9/11 murders took place over an area of a few city blocks and you had to have been there immediately afterwards to appreciate the monumental task of dealing with the carnage. Not to mention the removal and eventual identification of the remains of thousands of innocent victims crushed beneath the behemoth steel towers. Even with my press pass I could only stand a block away from the horror with the other members of local and international press and gape at the twisted metal spewing out the foul odors of death.

If it has taken over ten years to see some progress the blame for that can be placed on the political correct bureaucracy which made sure that no one would be offended by the new structures and its memorial. Without this hindrance, the new World Trade Center would have been rebuilt years ago almost as quickly as the Pentagon was.

Union members of the construction industry here had volunteered to work for free but this gesture of patriotic zeal was soon scotched by their more pragmatic leadership. But there are no words to describe the valor, the diligence, the determination of the first responders and those given the herculean job of restoration but "lazy" is certainly not one of them.

Those Occupy Wall Street protesters camping out across the country haven't a clue about what we are capable of because they have been seduced by the class warfare message emanating from the White House and the Democrats in Congress. The mainstream media are touting that mantra as well while demonizing the Tea Party which managed their protests without stinking up the neighborhood.

The #OWS denizens are for the most part very young which may be an excuse for their gross ignorance. Not so the aging hippy communists who joined them in a nostalgic bid for their '60s days of anarchy. One such relic was interviewed by a Russian emigre who was shocked by her witlessness.

Vladimir Jaffe, a Russian expatriate who fled here from communist totalitarianism asked the woman what she would replace capitalism with and she responded, "Socialism." She then said under socialism "We wouldn't have people unemployed, we wouldn't have people hungry, we wouldn't have 5% of the world's population with 25% of the difference..."

Whatever does that mean, I wonder.

When asked what the difference between North and South Korea, the woman answered unbelievably that in North Korea they get a decent wage. It is a known fact the there is widespread starvation there and even reports of people resorting to cannibalism but that hard news never gets to these deluded folks thanks to the media filtering out any anti-progressive facts.

As I write this, our leader is in Australia bad-mouthing our students as not being quite up to snuff with the rest of the world. He told a room of Australian students that, "A lot of poor children don't get the support they need when they're very young so by the time they get to grammar school, they're behind." What on earth is he talking about? Grammar school is when you're supposed to start learning. I never even went to kindergarten. There was no such thing as pre-k or Head Start and no Sesame Street on TV. Come to think of it, we didn't even have a TV.

The problem with President Obama is that he truly believes that the government is the answer for all our personal problems. In actuality, during his administration the government has been the cause of our biggest economic problems. Pouring money into continually failing programs either exemplifies Einstein's definition of insanity or is evidence of Machiavellian corruption.

Instead of complaining about America's failings, he should be lauding our greatest successes. I understand why he's doing it of course. As a socialist he needs to proffer the government as the ultimate problem solver so as to expand it and regulate our private enterprises thereby shrinking them. With his class envy rhetoric, he has created the environment that spawned the OWS movement by pitting the faux 99% have-nots against the productive one-percenters.

I'd like to remind my readers that Thursday is Thanksgiving Day and it's supposed to be a time to count our blessings. It's hard to remember that given the protests around the country but perhaps that's what the protesters need to do for a change. They have expensive tents and tarps to keep them covered from the elements not cardboard boxes. They have iPads, iPhones and digital cameras to record their "happening." In D.C. someone had even set up a solar heating panel for warmth. It's Party Time.

An unemployed chef - whom I won't name since he's probably doing this for publicity - is cooking 150 turkeys, 400 pounds of potatoes, 300 pounds of stuffing and 250 pounds of cranberry sauce for the parasitic anarchists at Zucotti Park for Thanksgiving. I wonder if he would consider doing this to the genuine needy at the NYC Rescue Mission. He should contact Joe Little at and donate that food for those truly deserving homeless who would really appreciate the kindness that day. At the very least, a small donation from the squatters would be nice as well.

As for me, my biggest blessing besides my wonderful family is living in this great country abundant with God's resources and great people and knowing that thanks to the Founding Fathers I'll be able to vote for real change next November.

Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at and at

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