Tuesday July 26, 2011

They Think You're Stupid

Republican Presidential hopeful Herman Cain

By Alicia Colon

Those are not my words but the title of Herman Cain's book released in 2005. He is now a candidate for president and according to the mainstream media his chances are slim and next to none. Of course, the MSM is ignoring his campaign because Cain is not the kind of black man they want to promote. Barack Obama has become their chosen one even though he has absolutely nothing in common with the average black in America. Herman Cain, however, is the quintessential American success story that was possible before this administration put up so many barriers to individual achievement.

Mr. Cain addressed his book to those who fall for the lies of liberals particularly those in the Democrat party. In his introduction he writes, "My name is Herman Cain and I used to be stupid. This is because I did not know the history of the Democratic Party, nor did I know the history of the Republican Party. Like millions of voters, I used to make my voting decisions based on news sound bites, political labels, distortions, misinformation, and sometimes no information at all."

He now calls himself a graduate of "Stupid Anonymous" and wrote the book to share his awakening with others. Although I've owned his book for years I only started reading it once Mr. Cain announced his entry into the race. His appearances on television, in debate and in print stoked up my interest and I find his book far more likely to have been written by Cain himself than "Dreams From My Father" to have been written by our president. Non-believers of this allegation should read Jack Cashill's literary analysis of the work in his book, "Deconstructing Obama."

After hearing Herman Cain speak on the campaign trail without a teleprompter, I found those same sentiments in the 2005 book resonate just as accurately today. He wrote, "The usual Democrat strategy of inspiring voters is to invoke class warfare, which is often packaged with race baiting, victimization, and fear. We have heard hundreds of times the rhetoric, 'it is just a tax cut for the rich,' or the promise by a candidate to somehow 'take from the rich, and give it to those who need it.' The Democrats are certainly not going to tell people. 'You should keep less of your hard-earned money. We want the government to take more of your money, which is achieved through tax increases, which stifles the economy, which reduces jobs, and which causes businesses to pay fewer people even less money, or even cause businesses to go out of business.'"

One thing Cain knows is business. His background is quite impressive and he has a solid record of success in large corporations. After advancing to executive positions at Coca-Cola and Pillsbury, he accepted the call to become president and CEO at Godfather's Pizza which was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy. In a little over a year, he returned Godfather's to profitability and led his management team to a buyout of the company.

Some may say, "So what? That doesn't make him qualified to be president." I say, "Why not?"

Consumer advocate and libertarian John Stossel recently had Herman Cain on his Fox Business program that ended with a talking point on why it might be time for voters to think about electing a businessman rather than a politician. He said, "The political class mocks Cain for seeking the presidency - despite never having held public office. I say: What's so great about political experience? All that means is that you are skilled at sucking up to people, smiling when you don't mean it and promising everything to everyone. I would rather have a businessman as president than a career politician, although government must never be compared to a business, because unlike a company, government gets its revenue by force."

So why not a businessman for president rather than a lawyer? Lawyers in the population average around one half of one percent yet they are responsible for running 82% of government. They've been running the country for about fifty years and look at the mess we're in. There are good lawyers who want a smaller government. Those we can keep but the others we should seriously think of replacing in the next election. Besides one of the most successful presidents was an actor.

You may well ask, "Why won't the media cover Herman Cain?" Because he's dangerous, that's why. How can they play the race card with him? In addition, he had the nerve to say that if elected he would not appoint a Muslim in his administration. He also said that Americans should have the right to ban mosques in their communities.

The uproar that followed his remarks was expected in the media but Herman Cain does not back down from them. FoxNews' Chris Wallace asked the GOP contender to explain his support for the Murfreesboro, Tennessee residents opposing the construction of a mosque in its borders. Cain said he supported the residents not because they wanted to outlaw a religious group or affiliation but because they stand for separation of church and state. Cain explained, "Let's go back to the fundamental issue, Islam is both a religion and a set of laws - Sharia laws. That's the difference between any one of our traditional religions where it's just about religious purposes."

His statements were ridiculed as absurd by liberal bloggers but I suggest they Google the word "creeping sharia" to see the examples of how Europeans are adapting their laws to a sharia style justice. Can it happen here? It already has.

Modern Muslims, of course, are not interested in establishing sharia law here or anywhere but to the Islamic fundamentalists these Muslims are infidels as well and are as much in jeopardy as Christians and Jews. This country was founded on Judaic and Christian principles - which include religious freedom for all - but this does not mean we must allow the usurpation of our own rule of law in deference to others.

So far Herman Cain has been the most outspoken on this issue of all the candidates and he bares us taken a closer look at this very brave individual and what he has to say. He truly represents not only the average black man but every decent God-fearing American. The fact that he is being mocked by the liberal elite is the best reason for us to do that.

Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at and at

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