Tuesday November 16, 2010

What I Don't Like About Sarah Palin

Both Hentoff and I are pro-lifers but that is not the only reason why I admire Sarah Palin. I don't know too many public figures outside of George W. Bush who have withstood the slings and arrows aimed at them with so much grace

By Alicia Colon

With a title like that, I'm sure I'll have every liberal pundit salivating at the idea of another diehard conservative writer taking the same route as the Wall Street Journal's Peggy Noonan.

Ms. Noonan recently referred to Palin as a "nincompoop" for a remark she made about Ronald Reagan's legacy. She has made no bones about how little she thought of Sarah Palin as a V.P. pick and she has been highly critical of Palin's decision to quit as governor of Alaska.

I worked with Peggy Noonan for a short while at the start of the New York Sun and I was surprised at her opinion because frankly I love Sarah Palin. I love everything about her except one teensy little thing which I'll reveal further on.

Nat Hentoff, the veteran former columnist of the Village Voice and renowned civil libertarian, wrote in May, 2008 at why Palin should be McCain's running mate. He wrote:

"During her first year in office, as reported by the Associated Press on May 10, she "distanced herself from the old guard, powerful members of the state GOP (and) stood up to the oil interests that hold great power in Alaska, and with bipartisan support in the statehouse, she won a tax increase on the oil companies' profits."

Then he went on to comment on her choice to give birth to a child with Down's syndrome:

"She would be a decided asset - an independent Republican governor, a woman, a defender of life against the creeping culture of death and a fresh face in national politics..."

Both Hentoff and I are pro-lifers but that is not the only reason why I admire Sarah Palin. I don't know too many public figures outside of George W. Bush who have withstood the slings and arrows aimed at them with so much grace.

I can't recall in my long life so many Hollywood and television celebrities opining so fiercely about a political candidate as the following did on Sarah Palin: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Bill Maher, Chevy Chase, Lindsay Lohan, Susan Sarandon, and many, many more. Then of course there was Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live whose line, "I see Russia from my window," was falsely attributed to Palin.

Most of these intellectually challenged celebs have based their negative opinions on Palin on falsely attributed quotes that were generated by a satiric blog-

This site claimed that Palin's church believes that dinosaurs were on earth 4,000 years ago and that Palin does not believe in evolution. The blogger then wrote "Disclaimer: She didn't actually say these things - I made them up. But thanks for all the visits."

The fake stories persist along with the criticism that Palin is not very bright which is laughable. Matt Damon may have played a genius in the film, Good Will Hunting, but I doubt he's accomplished as much as Sarah Palin.

Alaskans share in the oil revenue and that state is one the richest in the nation with a huge surplus in its treasury.

Each Alaska resident gets an annual rebate from state oil revenue, and in 2008 Palin added $1,200 more to the $2,100 check each person received.

Contrast that efficiency to the state of California where most of these celebrities live and is nearing bankruptcy.

The antipathy, no, let me change that word to hatred, may be because this beautiful woman is pro-life, married to a very handsome man and is a gun-toting huntress who is anathema to the PETA, global warming hysterics, and environmental wackos, effete of this country.

I can't otherwise explain away the hostility that would make her family the butt of awful rumors which were then repeated on national television.

Saturday Night Live may have thought it was humorous to repeat the canard that Palin's child, Trig, was actually the result of an incestuous relationship between Bristol and her father Todd Palin but it was, in fact, disgusting.

As for Peggy Noonan's critique of Palin for quitting her governorship, the reason behind that decision should have been crystal clear to her.

There was no way that Palin could have traveled around the country promoting the candidacy of good conservative candidates while she was still in office and while being continually pursued by politically motivated personal lawsuits.

It made perfect sense to all of us who hold Ms. Palin in high regard and the success of her endorsements prove how wise her decision was: 65% of those that Palin endorsed in the midterm elections were elected and are the vanguard of the battle to take back our country from the Marxist agenda of the current administration.

Thanks to her endorsement, my congressman is now Michael Grimm, one of the new Republican guns.

Here is a warning to all the new conservative members of Congress: You will be attacked by the mainstream media and you will be subjected to the same vicious personal attacks that Sarah Palin endured and you will be wise to follow the example of Kentucky senator-elect Rand Paul.

He was recently on the CNN show co-hosted by the disgraced former NY Governor, Eliot Spitzer, who tried to grill Rand on the entitlement budget cuts he planned to submit.

Spitzer wanted to know how much Rand had earned from Medicare and Medicaid from his medical practice.

After ingenuously saying he didn't mean to be impertinent Spitzer nonetheless snidely asked, "What was your peak income over the last decade. What was the most you earned in any one year?"

Rand smartly answered, "If you're going to make this about me personally, you're not going to have a real intelligent discussion." He then zinged him with, "Do I want to go into your personal past and talk about your personal past on this program? I don't think so."

Be aware, new Congress members; you will be going up against an amoral media that sees nothing wrong hiring the prostitute loving, scandalized Spitzer to be a co-host on a political program.

You will be condemned by the MSNBC hate-mongers and bloggers subsidized by the Machiavellian anti-American George Soros.

These are the people who will be hunting the websites for potentially negative titles like the one on this column only they'll be looking for your name on them.

By the way, the only thing I don't like about Sarah Palin is that she tends TO YELL AT THE TEA PARTY RALLIES.

It's a quirk of mine but I have this problem with every high pitched speaker, male or female, even ones I admire very much.

So to those who clicked on this column thinking I'd bash the absolutely magnificent Sarah Palin, I say-GOTCHA!

Alicia Colon resides in New York City and can be reached at and at

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