Tuesday March 14, 2007

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Samantha Mumba Finds Herself Front And Center Of A Race Row

Bono is being forced to defend his highly publicized Red project, after a trade publication claimed that the global brand has done much more for the welfare of firm's marketing divisions than its stated aim of helping to wipe out world poverty. According to the magazine Advertising Age, the Red brand has contributed a little over $18 million to fighting poverty, which pales in comparison to the estimated $100 million that has been spent on the marketing campaign by firms associated with the brand. Although U2's lead singer has yet to make any public statements on the matter, spokespeople for Red have defended the figures, claiming that they have raised closer to $25 million and that the marketing money would have been spent anyway. They also urged the public to allow their project more time to develop...

Controversy has erupted after Miss Scotland, Nicola McClean, referred to Irish singer/model, Samantha Mumba, as a 'monkey' in a live radio broadcast last Friday. During the course of a discussion on Clyde Radio, someone mentioned that they thought Mumba - who is black - was attractive, to which McClean responded by saying that she thought the singer 'looked like a monkey.' The beauty queen was quick to apologize in the wake of her ill-conceived remarks, issuing a statement that claimed: 'I was trying to be funny and I meant absolutely no harm, nor did I intend to offend anyone by this comment. I am not a racist and I do not condone racist behavior of any kind and wish to apologize to Samantha Mumba and the Radio Clyde listeners personally.' Mumba had not yet responded at the time of going to press...

It now appears that the recent split in Irish indie band Ash was not quite the mutually respectful parting of ways that the band has been at pains to portray to the media. After returning to their original three-piece lineup the remaining members initially claimed that guitarist, Charlotte Hatherley had left the band by mutual consent, in order to pursue a solo career. Hatherley does not remember it quite the same way however, telling an interviewer from the Independent Newspaper last week: 'In the end it was the boys' choice. They wanted to go back to being a three-piece. They knew I wasn't happy in the band any more so they assumed that I'd be fine with the decision. I did find it was a bit weird. I left the conversation thinking: 'What just happened there? Did I leave or was I fired?' But it was all very nice and there were no hard feelings.' She went on to claim that she was unhappy with the direction the band had taken and was never a fan of 2004 album, Meltdown, saying: 'The boys were really in love with American music and with America. After years of touring the States they were listening to a lot of Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, stuff I've never really been into. I found recording Meltdown really difficult. Basically I couldn't relate to it. Things were getting a bit stale and I think we all needed something to change.' Given the fact that her latest solo work has been the recipient of much praise from all quarters of the music media, the break might yet prove a fortuitous career move for Hatherley...

UK band Buck Wild entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for playing the most amount of gigs in a 12 hour period, after they played 27 shows around London in the allotted time, breaking the previous record of 26, which had been held by German band: Kansas City. I honestly could not tell you if the band is any good or not but I'm guessing the fact that three venues cancelled their gigs on the day speaks volumes. After all, how bad would you have to be to have a fifteen minute show cancelled by a pub on the day you are attempting to set a world record? ...

Bob Geldof's daughter, Peaches has launched a scathing, if curious, attack on Paris Hilton, telling an interviewer last week: 'Paris is thick and sometimes looks like a transvestite, even though she's better looking than me. Also, she's a socialite and I'm not.' Firstly, it doesn't say a lot for poor old Peaches if she thinks that she looks worse than a transvestite and secondly, I would say her wealthy background and the fact that she has become a virtual fixture on the music party circuit certainly qualifies her for socialite status. Aside from that, she's 100% correct! C

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